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When you decided to take steps in a different country from yours, not only your environment changes, the way you adapt to your surroundings is a process beyond the physical. We speak of a purely spiritual process. Often the human being is not able to understand the beauty of loneliness; sometimes we believe that the support of only one person is all we need to keep going in this world.


That is why, a few months ago I decided to go into depth of my feeling, to understand it, to touch it and learn from its essence. Break free from the crowd; break the ties that bound me to those who I thought they were part of me.


And in that constant search, my head was filled with a lot of questions. It was when I understood the enjoyment of it, the nature of knowing myself and clarify who I am and the most important thing that I am the best support to myself. In this personal series, my photographs express my past and my best moment, because loneliness is to know how to be with yourself. Loneliness does not exist, it is just absence of light.

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