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Born in Caracas, Venezuela.

Lives in Brooklyn, NY.


When we speak of interest, we’re talking about exciting passions, truths that fill our essence. Mariana Soto is a visual artist working with photography and mixed media since several years ago. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Social Communication in Venezuela. When she moved to New York she studied at The New York Film Academy and the International Center of Photography.


Mariana Soto has worked as Creative Producer in television. She has over 6 years of experience in producing promo videos On Air for various television industries, including History Channel and Sony Entertainment Television Latin-American. Since she is living in Brooklyn, Mariana is pursuing her photography career as well.


Her work has been published nationally and exhibited in different galleries in Miami including Curators Voice Art Project where she won a first place in a photography contest. Known for her social work in her documentary series her projects also include street photography and abstract painting.


In the near future, Mariana Soto will complete different photography series related to social subjects such as the reflection of the large diversity of religions that live in New York, the impact of LGBTQ communities, and the immigrants’ lifestyles. Moreover, she will continue exploring her abstract painting including different textures and techniques.  


- 1st Place Photography - Curators Voice Art Project. Miami, 2018.
- 1st Place Photography - Curators Voice Art Project. Miami, 2016.

- Promax Awards Latin America 2014

Interstitial Campaign/Series BRONZE KINETICS H2.


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